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New Championships Coverage Fee Schedule

Changes effective July 1, 2024

Due to rising costs, and photographer's expectations, d3photo is changing it's fee schedule starting with the 2024-25 academic year.

You can find the new pricing below along side the previous pricing for your comparison.

Starting in July, 2024, d3photo will also give up to 10% invoice credits for any payments made by check or EBT before the due date on the invoice which will be automatically applied to the next invoice with a maximum per-invoice discount of 50%.

Coverage Type (royalty-free image access) 2019 - June 2024After June 2024
Single Team Game* $125 $200
Single Tourney Weekend (2 games)* $200 $300
Single Athlete/Event (CC, ITF, OTF, S&D) $30 $40
Single Team (CC) $150 $200
Entire Team (CC) and Daily Cap (all championships) $300 $400
Relay Team (ITF, OTF, S&D) $90 $120
Multi-event Athlete (Decathlon, Pentathlon, Heptathlon) $150 $100
Divers $60 $50
Wrestlers $50 $75
National Championship game** $300 $400
Baseball Championships
Coverage Type (royalty-free image access)2022 - June 2024After June 2024
First two CWS games $200 $300
Each Additional game $75 $100
National Championship series (2 games) $200 $300
3rd gameFree
* includes destination tournaments, events where we have invested capital into coverage such as the
D3hoops.com Classic and Luther's Softball days in Rochester, MN, and most spring break baseball tournaments.
** National Championship Game coverage includes all activities on the field and, if applicable, within the stadium itself. Edits from these games will either be 70% in favor of your school (when we still have obligations to D3sports.com) or the number of images made available from the game will exceed 500. If you prefer to have a dedicated photographer for the duration those start at $500 per day and are not guaranteed to be available for each championship.
This is not applicable to team and individual championships (Track, CC, S&D) or championships that play a best-of-three format.