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New Championships Coverage Fee Schedule

Effective February 1, 2019 (announcement)

Coverage Type (royalty-free image access)2015-182019-
Single Team Game*$100$125
Single Tourney Weekend (2 games)*$150$200
Single Athlete/Event (CC, ITF, OTF, S&D)$25$30
Single Team (CC)$125$150
Entire Team (CC) and Daily Cap (all championships)$250$300
Relay Team (ITF, OTF, S&D)$75$90
Multi-event Athlete (Decathlon, Pentathlon, Heptathlon)$125$150
Wrestlers – Day 1 only$30$40
Wrestlers – Day 2 only$40$50
Wrestlers – All Sessions$50$50*
National Championship game$250$300
Baseball Championships
Coverage Type (royalty-free image access)2022-23
First two CWS games$200
Each Additional game$75
National Championship series (2 games)$200
3rd gameFree
Note: * price change effective 3/1/2022. Day 1/Day 2 coverage options have been dropped
* includes destination tournaments, events where we have invested capital into coverage such as the
D3hoops.com Classic and Luther's Softball days in Rochester, MN, and most spring break baseball tournaments.